Message from Father Langan, August 6-7

August 6-7

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Prominent in the Sacred Scriptures today, though not always specifically mentioned, are the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love. And as St. Paul reminds us the greatest of these is Love.  The first two are pertinent to this world.  Faith is our response to God’s call and revelation.  In the Book of Wisdom, our first reading.  The People of Israel, who are still in captivity, place their trust and faith in the revelation from God through Moses that they will be delivered from the deadly plague.  Wisdom reflects on the “Passing over” of the angel of death as a prelude to their being set free.  They trust in the extraordinary ritual of slaughtering a lamb, marking their doorways with its blood and then hoping that they will be spared. And so they are because of their trust, faith and obedience.  They do not know what will come next but they have hope that God will fulfill His promises.  Hope, then, is the virtue of expectation.  We may not know what is to come but we trust God, have Faith in Him.  Why? Because He loves us and always wants and plans what is best for us.

In the letter to the Hebrews, written by an unknown author but nonetheless part of the canon of Sacred Scripture,  we have the example of Abraham and Sara, who in spite of what seems to be logical, place their faith and hope in God.  So often we want immediate, verifiable, concrete answers to the conundrums of life. Because of this there is little room for hope and faith.  Therein lies the tension that we all experience and it is precisely there that the Lord is calling us to trust in Him.

In the Gospel, our Lord encourages us to live the life of Hopeful expectation.  He, not we, are in control of the future.  Always He assures of His love and that should give us confidence to place our faith in Him and though we may have to “walk through the valley of death”, in the end all will be well.

This week Monday and Thursday two very important saints are celebrated, St Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers and St.Clare, who with St Francis of Assisi founded the Franciscans, Third Order.  Best wishes to all our Lay Dominicans and if there is anyone interested in joining our Dominican lay order please speak with Father Langan.  We meet the second Sunday of the month at 1 PM for prayer study and mutual spiritual support.

Remember our upcoming Golf Tournament sponsored by the parishioners of St. Joseph, Rileyville, Saturday, August 27.   Contact  Kathy and Augie Stile, 570-224-4934.

This year the Solemnity of our Blessed Mother’s Assumption is not a holy day of obligation since it falls on a Monday.  The Mass schedule will be 7:25 AM, 12:05 PM and 6 PM.  All Masses will be at St. Mary Magdalen.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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