Message from Father Langan, July 30-31:

July 30-31

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

     All of the readings from the Sacred Scriptures today portray the great spiritual “tug-of-war”.  Ecclesiastes, also known as Qoheleth, stress the vanity of pursuit of the passing things of this world.  St Paul’s address to the Colossians warns against the passions that so often cloud one’s judgement that leads to the using of other human beings for personal gratification.  And Our Blessed Lord reminds us of the futility of exalting self and neglecting the needs of others.  The Word of the Lord is indeed a wake up call for the world but sadly, It continues to fall on deaf ears


    Growth in the spiritual life calls for an honest and thorough assessment of one’s life.  The guidepost  for this discernment is always the Sacred Scripture and if one is not acquainted with the Word of God through reading, hearing and reflection how can there be any progress in making the journey to our heavenly home?  In this tug-of-war then, we have to allow the love and mercy of Christ to pull us forward.  We keep our ears and hearts focused on Him and even though we sometimes may be pulled through the “mud” the grace of our Lord, which we receive from the Sacraments, will refresh and restore us. 

     In these dog days of summer pull out your Bible; sit down with the Word and let Jesus speak to you.  It’s the best cooling- off there is.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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