Message from Father Langan, June 26-27

June 26-27

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today’s Sacred Scripture asserts God’s power over death. In the Book of Wisdom God created all things that they may have life.   St. Paul teaches the Corinthians that just as our Lord graciously sacrificed His divinity, and in fact His life so that we might share in eternal life, we are called to follow likewise.  

Our Lord restored earthly life to both young and old that they may continue their journey to the life that has no end.  It is a poignant reminder to us that as much as we cherish and always seek to preserve and promote the earthly life entrusted to us it is preparatory for something far greater.

As we begin our summer routines, let us never lose sight of our final goal and give thanks to God always for our present blessings, which are a taste of things to come.

With Blessings for a Restful Summer,

Father Langan

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