Message from Father Langan, June 20-21:

June 20-21

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In today’s Gospel, Our Lord calms the raging sea as his disciples cling to the storm-tossed boat, terrified that they will perish.  They are confronted with a double storm.  There is the wind and rain that pummel them form without and the angst and fear from within.  In the midst of their conflict they, for a moment, forget that God is with them.  When they come to recognize the Divine Presence  they immediately become acquisitory: “Can’t You see we are about to drown?”  Must be God’s fault.  How many times Our Lord is the One to blame for all that goes wrong, whether it is the state of the world or the state of ourselves He becomes the scapegoat.  In fact He IS the scapegoat.  He Who is all merciful has taken upon Himself the sins of us all.  Once we realize that truth, the calm and peace we long for will put our storms at rest.

Just as we go to the Lord for rescue, many times in our lives we have gone to our fathers for rescue as well. They protect us, support us, set a good example for us and in troubled times make everything alright.  Today we honor our Dads, our Grandfathers, godfathers, uncles and all those men who have mentored us with fatherly care.  May God bless them in this awesome responsibility in modeling God the Father just as St. Joseph has done.

We priests and parishioners offer our congratulations and prayers for all our recent graduates from every level of education.  May you use the good things you have received to glorify the Lord in your works, expand your virtues and assist others in their journey through life.  All the best!

With Blessings,

Fr. Langan

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