Message from Father Langan, January 30-31

January 30-31, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On the human level we hear in today’s Epistle and Gospel the words “anxious” and “astonished.”  Both draw us into our human condition of both tension and excitement towards circumstances that overwhelm us or surprise us.   Needless to say, we have been living through very anxious times and just as St. Paul prescribes as remedy for the faithful of Corinth, so, too, do we need something to anchor us in days of uncertainty.

There exists and is awardable to us a very powerful source of guidance and introspection namely: Formed. 

For several years now our parish has engaged Formed as a resource for all parishioners to grow in a better understanding of our Faith.  Unfortunately, not many parishioners have availed themselves of this powerful and “astonishing” source of information.   Those I have spoken to about it are very appreciative and have reopened a great first from the many programs that are so easily accessible.  To sign up on our account, go to https:/// and sign up as a parishioner.  To find your church or organization (i.e. St. John the Evangelist, Honesdale), all you need to do is create an account by using your email address and creating a password.

As the hearers of Our Lord in this day’s Gospel, we’re enthralled with what they heard from Him and continue to come to know Him more and more.  I highly encourage all of our parishioners to take advantage of Formed and please let me know your thoughts and insights regarding the continued use of it.

On Tuesday, February 2nd, we celebrate the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple.  It is also known as Candlemas Day, on which we bless candles that are used in our sanctuary and our homes.  You may bring candles from home to be blessed or acquire the 2/box candles.    Candles remind us of the words spoken by Simeon (canticle) “behold a Light to the Gentiles and the glory of the people Israel”.  As we acknowledge Jesus as the Light of the World, let us pray that He shatters the darkness in our world presently and be the beacon of truth leading us to God.

Also this week on Wednesday, February 3rd, we celebrate the Feast of St. Blaise (or Biaggio) with the blessing of throats.  Because of the extraordinary circumstances, the blessing will be given in general to all in attendance at Mass.  There will be no imposition of candles at one’s throat this year.  The grace of the blessing is undiminished.

God keep you safe from all harm and illness.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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