Message from Father Langan, January 23-24

January 23-24

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today we hear of that comic and tragic figure, the prophet Jonah.  God sent him on a mission to his people’s sworn enemies the Assyrians and their capital of Nineveh to repent.  Jonah was reluctant and procrastinated (until swallowed and expectorated by the whale) until finally he did what God asked of him.  As an instrument of God’s powerful word the Assyrians repented.  However, Jonah was none to happy about their conversion and rather in a huff made it known to God.  Well, doesn’t God accomplish His will in spite of ourselves?

Perhaps we have been reluctant in heeding God’s call or procrastinated when it came to fulfilling our commission to make Christ known to all.  There is a bit of Jonah in all of us.  What keeps us from enthusiastically responding to God’s call?  Feelings of inadequacy?  Fear of rejection?  No doubt Our Lord’s first disciples felt the same.  He calls the fishermen from a life they knew and loved so well.  Sure it was monotonous and sometimes uncertain (remember The Carpenter has to tell the “fisherman” when to cast their nets), but Jesus was called to something entirely different, exciting, and challenging.  Though uncertain about themselves, they respond to Him immediately!  And that is the key.  When we think less of ourselves; broken, limited, wanting, and more of Him all things become possible.  Remember, Our Lord simply asks that we trust in Him, and then by His grace great things can be accomplished.  Jonah learned that; the disciples learned as well and so shall we.

I draw your attention to the announcement of the forthcoming consecration to St. Joseph.  This year we have a two-fold blessing both on the diocesan and the universal Church dedication to the foster father of Our Lord, spouse of the Virgin Mary and guardian of the Church.  In this year especially, past, present and future we need St. Joseph’s loving protection.  Join us in fostering a greater blessing to your families and personal lives.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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