Message from Father Langan – May 27-28

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Fifty days ago, we gathered at the Vigil Mass for the celebration of our Lord’s triumph over sin and death.  During these hallowed days we experienced the joy of the Resurrection as Jesus made His presence known to the disciples, and in a sense prepared them to take over the reigns of spreading the Good News  to all the world. No doubt they were uneasy with this monumental task but it came with a promise.  The promise of the Holy Spirit. On this day of Pentecost we celebrate the fulfillment of that promise not only for the original Apostles and disciples but for us  as well. 

With unfettered joy, we celebrate the Seven-fold gifts of the Holy Spirit that we received on the day of our own Pentecost, on the day we were Confirmed. As we contemplate the gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude (Courage). Piety, and Fear of the Lord we must honestly ask ourselves,  “how am I using these gifts that God the Holy Spirit  has lavished on me?” Our response is the measure of our discipleship. 

Today, our young parishioners will assume this awesome responsibility of being witnesses of the Faith as they are Confirmed. We congratulate them on their diligent preparation for this special day and continue to encourage them in the faithful living and practicing their Faith. 

Also, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to Deacon William Asinari who on Saturday, at the hands of  Bishop Bambera, received the Holy Order of Deacon.  Surely he has allowed the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide him and put into practice those gifts of the  Holy Spirit which we celebrate today. Our continued prayers for him, and his family as he prepares for ordination to the Holy Priesthood next year. 

Keep in mind that June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We ponder the infinite love that emanates from His Divine Heart and how desperately  the world needs to come to Him before it is too late.  Jesus meek and humble of heart make our hearts like  unto Thine. 

With Blessings, 

Father Langan

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