Message from Father Langan-May 20-21

Christ is Risen; Indeed He is risen, Alleluia! 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

This ancient acclamation of the Gospel’s glorious Good News may temporarily fade from our lexicon since Eastertide is drawing to a close. Pentecost marks the culmination of Easter, but in fact, we continue to celebrate the most important event in the history of mankind when Our Savior conquered sin and death and opened for us the gates of Paradise. In fact, every Sunday is considered a little Easter and so  is the focal point of all our activities and aspirations. 

Like our Lady and the Apostles, we pray in earnest for the coming of the Holy Spirit to send His Seven-fold gifts upon our candidates who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation next Sunday. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the children who have received our Eucharistic Lord for the first time this past Saturday. May they continue to come to the Lord in holy innocence and inspire their families to walk in faithfulness before the Lord. 

On Saturday in St. Peter’s Cathedral, Bishop Bambera will ordain William Asinari to the Order of Deacon.  What a blessing this is for him and his family and his parish family. With him, we give thanks to God for his vocation and his continuing preparation for the Holy Priesthood. Parishioners are very much welcome and encouraged to attend the Mass of Ordination at 10:00AM. 

In these closing days of Eastertide God is abundantly pouring forth His graces upon our parish. May He continue to do so especially in calling forth from our midst young and faithful men to serve the Church as priests. Pray daily for vocations so that you may never starve spiritually for lack of the Bread of Life.  Remember: No priest; No Eucharist.  Thank you. 

 With Blessings, 

 Father Langan

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