Message from Father Langan, May 6-7

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Christ is Risen, Alleluia 

May is Mary’s month. And why is that so? Her Son and our Savior is the new Adam, the One Who has  come to repair the rift between God and humankind,  brought on by the disobedience of our first parents.  Christ, the new Adam, chose to come into the world through the cooperation and obedience of the new Eve, Mary. We can never thank Her enough for saying “yes” to God at the Angel Gabriel’s invitation. That “yes” issued in a new springtime for mankind and so during these days of Eastertide it is entirely appropriate to recognize the Mother of God as the Mother of  the new Qahal YHWY, the Church. 

May puts us in a celebratory mood. We start with May Crowning at all our Masses this week and we prepare for the First Holy Communion of our Children, the reception of the 7-fold gifts of the Holy  Spirit for our Confirmation class on the Feast of  Pentecost, several celebrations of the Sacrament of  Matrimony, and two feast in honor of our Lady. The Visitation, and Mary the Mother of the Church, the day after Pentecost. May, as you see, is a very busy  month. And finally, we have a special treat with a grand concert on Pentecost evening as we host the  St. Tikhon’s choral festival in St. John’s Church. 

Above all, we remember that May is a wonderful time to reacquaint ourselves with the praying of the daily Rosary if we have let that discipline slip from our spiritual routine. Just as the Apostles and disciples of old joined with Mary in praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit, let us do so as well. 

  With Blessings, 

  Father Langan

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