Message from Father Langan, March 25-26

March 25-26

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

In these latter days of Lent, we come into that time known as Passiontide. Whereas we have previously concentrated on repentance and the restoration of our Baptismal innocence now we turn our attention to the rejection and suffering of Our Lord Jesus. The Passion of our Lord cannot be ignored since it is the pivotal event in human history. By His Cross and Resurrection we have been saved. All things in life pale before this merciful act of God. Already we should  be arranging our schedules in order to participate in  the acts of Faith so necessary for our eternal salvation.

All things for us Catholics revolve around the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass wherein Heaven and earth meet.  Subsequently, the Real Presence of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist draws us to an ever more profound and deep relation with Christ. To remind us of this awesome reality the Bishops of our country have initiated the Eucharistic revival throughout the land.

One of the events to help us be revived in Eucharistic belief and devotion is the gathering within deaneries (regions of the diocese) of Holy Hours with our Bishop. This coming Monday, March 27, Bishop Bambera will lead us in the Eucharistic Holy Hour beginning at 7:00PM in Queen of Peace Church, Hawley. Let us join with fellow Catholics throughout our deanery to give witness to our Faith and grateful love to God for the most precious gift given to us, Jesus our Eucharistic Lord. 

See you there. 

With Blessings,

Father Langan 

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