Message from Father Langan, February 18-19

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 Since the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, we have been hearing and contemplating the Sermon on the Mount.  Our Lord has outlined for us the manner and challenge of how we are to live our Christian life.  In today's Scripture, we hear particularly about "forgiveness”.  Starting with the passages from the Book of Leviticus and then St. Paul's reprimand of the Corinthians and then the continuation of the Sermon, we are made ever more aware of the necessity to forgive if we are to enter Eternal Life.  A big challenge indeed. 

 When we are hurt physically or spiritually what is our initial reaction? Immediately the person or persons who have done us harm are thought less of and perhaps we readily dismiss them.  One might say this is only a human reaction and so it may be.  But when we recall that our human nature is broken by original and actual sin we realize that forgiveness is reliant upon the grace of God working in us to repair and restore our own brokenness and thus prepare us to restore the rift.

St. Paul gives us the beautiful imagery that we are the temples of God and that the Holy Spirit dwells within us.  When we consider this we have to access what that "temple" looks like.  Does it glow with the glory of God's presence or is it shabby and unfit for the Lord?  Only a good examination of conscience can tell. 

These essential readings are a perfect springboard for us as we enter this coming Wednesday into the disciple of Lent.  With the imposition of ashes we begin the effort of restoring the beauty of the "temple" that God has made.  And a great part of the restoration happens when we implement the devotional practices of Lent beginning with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  In order to be people of forgiveness we start with our receiving forgiveness from God in this most comforting of Sacraments.  You will find in today's bulletin the many opportunities to journey through Lent and come closer to the Lord.  May we embrace these disciples that assist us in being disciples of forgiveness.

With Blessings,
Father Langan

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