Message from Father Langan, January 1, 2023

January 1

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 On this Eighth Day of Christmas, ever filled with joy at the birth of our Savior, we begin the new civil year under the mantle of our Blessed Mother.  She is, as the ancients referred to Her, the Theotokos--the God bearer.  Her bearing of the Son of God had a two-fold dimension.  Upon hearing the announcement of the Angel Gabriel, she bore the Word of God in Her heart and then she bore Him in Her womb.  These are the spiritual and physical aspects of Her Motherhood.  But as we well know She has continued to bear Him throughout the ages even to our present time.  Ceaselessly, she reminds us to allow the Incarnate Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be born in us.  What is birth but the bringing of Life into the world.  Mary has born that Life and Truth and Light thereby opening the world to receive Christ as the restoration of humankind's original innocence and relationship with our Heavenly Father.

   Mary cooperated with God's design for our salvation and we could not be more grateful to Her Who said yes to God.  As we begin this New Year and may wonder how to start off fresh perhaps the best thing we could do is follow the example and urgings of Our Lady.  What a wonderful year 2023 would be.

     Despite the uncertainty of weather, much good work has been accomplished in preparation of celebrating the Birth of Our Lord.  First, as always, we give glory to God by adorning His house, our churches with beauty and serenity.  This great effort is the result of our tireless and devoted decorators to whom we give our thanks and appreciation.   Our outreach program of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of our parish has assisted numerous families with food and gifts to brighten the lives of struggling members of our community.  So many of you generously gave presents for the youth of our area who otherwise might not have had anything under the tree.  May God reward you for your kindness.  A number of parishioners have made very sacrificial gifts to your parish at this time aware of how expenses have gone through the roof.  Thank you for being so very conscientious of parish finances.   Our staff always at this time experiences a greater volume of work and always they are on top of it.  How blessed we are to have them serve our office and our properties.  And finally thank you on behalf of Fr. Dominic and myself for your personal cards, gifts, Masses, and goodies which we receive with grateful hearts.

Blessings of Peace, Good Health and Happiness in the New Year,
Father Langan

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