Message from Father Langan, December 17-18

December 17-18

Dear Brothers and SIsters in Christ,

It always seems to me that Advent goes by too fast. There is not enough time to absorb the contemplative nature of the season and let sink in the wonders of expectation that accompany it. Now we hurry up to take care of last minute “necessities” that supposedly make the Season bright. The Bright that we prepare for and should always be preparing for is the Light of Christ. He dispels the darkness and dark corners in our lives that need exposure to the healing rays of Divine forgiveness.

In these final days of Advent we ask God to illumine us and remove the shadows of sin in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When He radiates His grace upon us we cannot help but radiate that grace upon others. Have you ever had someone say to you: “Gee, you look different.” Perhaps they cannot put their finger on it but they do recognize something “different” about us. Perhaps, after a good Confession, you are radiating the beauty of an unencumbered soul! What a magnanimous gift from The Lord, and what a splendid gift you are giving to others.

On Monday evening your spiritual fathers will be hearing Confessions in St Mary Magdalen and bestowing God’s grace and forgiveness. Our Lord has this wonderful gift ready for you. Come and claim the gift that sets us free.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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