Message from Father Langan, December 10-11

December 10-11

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 So soon upon us is Gaudete Sunday.  We rejoice because the Lord is near.  The "lightening-up" of this season of darkness is represented by the rose-colored candle of the Advent wreath and the vestments of the priest.  This lightning-up is not just external but internal as well.  Sin is a heavy burden that we carry on our souls.  The Lord knows how it weighs us down and impedes our progress in the spiritual life.  In the Sacrament of Reconciliation He meets us and lightens our load, setting us free.  Who would not want to avail themselves to this comforting grace from our Savior?  In this latter half of Advent make that resolve to come to the Lord Who wipes our sins away and gives us the light that dispels the darkness of our souls.

 Your parish offers a little gift to all of you in this season of giving: “Holy Moments, A Handbook for the Rest of your Life.”   Please take one as you leave Mass today.  I hope you find it helpful, as I have, as you continue your spiritual journey.  Sometimes we need just a little reassurance that we are following the path that the Lord has planned for us.

With Blessings,
Father Langan

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