Message from Father Langan, October 1 & 2

October 1-2

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We live in a society wherein individuals, whether they accomplish little or much, are looking for recognition. Trophies and ribbons, and awards abound. Even perhaps a little “pat on the back” is appreciated. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this, but if it should not come, a person or persons should not despair. Especially in matters of faith we do what we do for the Glory of God, the good of our neighbor, or the needs of our Church or country. Therein lies the greatest satisfaction. Sometimes the great work done can cause misunderstanding, confusion and even pain as in today’s reading from the prophet Habakuk. He despairs because no one is paying attention to him. He is doing the work of the Lord, something quite good and noble and is being ignored. Perhaps he is even asking himself: What’s the point?” But with hope and future-vision he will recognize the blessing of perseverance that will bring about conversion.

Our Lord’s words in the Gospel resound this. We go about our work, sometimes begrudgingly and without satisfaction and wonder if it’s all worth it. In God’s eyes it is all worth it and whether our tasks are great or small, when done for the love of Him.

In the past several weeks there have been many good works done for the love of God in our various fundraisers most recently being the Spaghetti Dinner. Though no one seeks recognition, we nonetheless thank all those who supported, participated, worked for and created (those beautiful baskets) for this important parish event. After a hiatus these past years it was immensely joyful to see our fellow parishioners young and old working together in such harmony and devotion. It warms a pastor’s heart. And our very smart and sharp-looking servers did an excellent job in waiting tables and cleaning up afterwards.

Much thanks to all who made this and all of our previous events and wonderful success.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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