Message from Father Langan, July 23-24

July 23-24

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In both our Old Testament Reading and the Gospel, we become acquainted with the power of prayer.   Abraham is rightfully concerned about his relatives who are living amongst the wicked and fears for their lives.  God is about to bring chastisement upon the perverse and Abraham seeks to spare his kin.  What does Abraham teach us?  First, the virtue of hope.  He trusts that God will hear his prayers and answer his request for clemency, at least to a few.  Secondly, Abraham perseveres.  He does not give up even to the point of haggling with God.  While acknowledging God’s justice he implores His mercy.  The balance between justice and mercy prevails.  Sin cannot be allowed to run rampant, otherwise chaos and destruction of civil and religious society are doomed.  The corrupt cities and or nations will reap the consequences of their ignoble behavior.

This, of course, leads us to consider our duty and obligation, like that of Abraham, to pray earnestly and persistently for the conversion of hearts and souls in our own day.  The Lord Himself has given us the prayer that encompasses all prayers,  namely the Our Father or Lord’s Prayer which always pleads for forgiveness and the restoration of peace between God and humanity and neighbor to neighbor. How very blessed we are to receive from the lips of the Lord Jesus the very words He addresses to the Father.  Are we aware of this great privilege?  Surely, it is the benefit of being a son and daughter of God.  May we cherish and pray with the greatest devotion the Words our Savior gave us.

With Blessings, Father Langan

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