Message from Father Langan

April 23-24

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are now in the Great 50 Days of Eastertide and today has been specifically designated as Divine Mercy Sunday by the late Pope St. John Paul II.  From now until Pentecost, we ponder the glory of our Lord’s Resurrection from the dead and the profound effect it has had and still has on all of humanity.  Though many still do not accept the Truth, that Jesus conquered sin and death nonetheless we joyfully proclaim and live this reality.  We have to ask ourselves.” Does my life give witness to the greatest event that has taken place in the history of the world?”

As we consider the lives of those who originally encountered the Risen Christ, we can certainly put ourselves in their shoes (sorry sandals).  On Easter Sunday morning, the Gospel did not say anything about Peter or John or Mary Magdalen seeing the Lord.  Their experience was first the Empty Tomb.  That surely left an emptiness in their lives.  They didn’t know what to make of it.  Only as the day went on and Our Lord revealed Himself to them were they able to grasp the mystery and ultimately the purpose of our Lord’s coming into our midst as one of us.

Our lives are the same.  We approach life with an emptiness at times looking for something or someone to fill the void.  Often we think, mistakenly, that the void can be filled with the things of this world.  How quickly we discover that is a futile pursuit.  Only Christ Risen can fill and satisfy with the joy and happiness that knows no end.  The Apostles and disciples came to realize that and so should we.  The words of our Savior to Mary Magdalen and the other women and to the Apostles carry a weight that needs our meditation: ” Be not afraid.”

If we are not afraid then we must be bold in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to all we meet.  After all it is not human beings that will judge us at the end of our lives, but Christ Himself and how shall we respond when He asks us:” How have you made Me known to the world?”

We believe that He indeed is risen.  Let the world know it.

Blessings of Easter joy,

Father Langan

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