Message from Father Langan, December 4-5

December 4-5

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Pope Francis has recently called for a Church-wide Synod in order to address serious issues that are presently affecting the Church.  During this Synod process he desires to hear from Catholics throughout the world.  Everyone’s participation is encouraged and the information received over the next year and a half will be collated and presented to the Holy See prior to the Bishops’ Synod with the Holy Father in 2023.  In the meantime, both on the diocesan and parish level, discussions will be taking place to address the questions and concerns presented.

One of the foundations of the Catholic Faith is belief that God is present in each and every person.  The Church values the art of listening and has used the concept of Synodality as a means of listening to the voice of Christ alive in believers.  Synod is a gathering of members of the Church who invoke the power of the Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide both individuals and the collective body to arrive at healthy and peaceful solutions.  As a parish we will have our first of several listening sessions on Wednesday evening December 15th at 7 pm in Holy Family Hall (St. John’s).  In preparation for the gathering I ask those who will be in attendance to go to the Diocese of Scranton website and peruse the information regarding the Synod.  There are several surveys to review. Please be sure to answer and be prepared to bring your response to the meeting.  Let us remember that our participation is always to be carried out in the utmost charity and concern for one another.

On behalf of our parishioners and myself I extend our thanks to Hessling Funeral home for the beautiful calendars for 2022.  As always, they reflect the best in Catholic Art and are truly inspirational.  And our thanks to the anonymous donor of the two angel wreaths on the doors of St. Mary Magdalen.   Mysteriously they appear every year and I don’t know who to personally thank but they certainly are a sign of someone’s love for their parish.

Advent Blessings to All, 

Father Langan

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