Message from Father Langan, November 20-21

November 20-21

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As Americans it is not easy for us to wrap our heads around the concept of monarchy.  We see things through the lens of our democratic-republic system of government and we know how messy that often is.  When we think of kings and queens they can seem to be “out of our league” and unapproachable.  That may be so for earthly rulers but hardly the case when it comes to our Divine King and Sovereign.  Jesus Christ came amongst us as the Good Shepherd, gentle and kind, Who laid down His life for His sheep.  He extracted no recompense from His followers except to love God above all things and to love our neighbor as well.

It would be quite inappropriate to project our notion of earthly kings or rulers on the Lord Jesus.  He has come to bring us together in His kingdom, one which is ruled by charity and self-sacrifice.  What a joyful consolation for us knowing that we are drawn into this kingdom.  We have a place here and now and our shepherd-king has shown us how to live within it.  He asks for our humble but necessary cooperation to build up the kingdom founded upon the throne of the Cross.  Every time you look upon that cross-beamed throne see the Real King and once again pledge your loyalty and allegiance to Him Who has already made a place for you in His Eternal Kingdom.

With this Solemnity we come to the near- end of the Year of Grace 2021.  It has been a difficult, challenging and upsetting year for many but it should not defeat us.  Next Sunday begins the Holy Season of Advent and we implore God’s good favor upon us that the days ahead may bring good health, less fearfulness, and a deep inner peace to all distressed hearts and souls.  Though Advent always seems to fly by, try to take time to let the joyful expectation of the season permeate the depths of your soul for Emmanuel comes once again to renew the world.

With Blessings,

Father  Langan

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