Message from Father Langan, October 23-24

October 23-24

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Today is World Mission Sunday,  when we focus on the very nature of the Church which is to bring the Good News of salvation to the whole world.  The Faith we live and profess came about because a missionary came to our respective countries of origin, risking life and limb, to bring us knowledge and wisdom of the one true God and His love and mercy for us.  We must never forget and be every grateful to those saintly men and women who brought Jesus to us.  They left the security of familiarity of their homes and country because they were committed to “another land,”  namely, the Kingdom of Heaven.  Like Our Lord they often had nowhere to “lay their head” and were dependent upon the kindness of strangers to support them.  Not much has changed.  Right here in Honesdale are we not the blessed recipients of a missionary, Father Dominic?  He too, has left home and family to serve the Gospel and bring us to Christ.   How grateful we must be.  Therefore, let us be as generous as possible in continuing the mission of the Church to go out to all the nations, Baptizing in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and declaring the Good News of Salvation.

After decades of service to our faith community of St. Joseph, Rileyville, Betty Ann Rutledge, our organist, has decided to retire.  We are extremely grateful to her for directing our choir and leading our faithful in raising their voices in praise of the Lord.  Betty Ann has used the gift that God gave her to enhance our worship as we join the angels and saints in praising the Lord.  May the Lord bless her abundantly for her dedication and faithful commitment and may she enjoy a well-deserved rest.

And so we are looking for someone to come forward to continue the beautiful music ministry we have at St. Joseph.  If there is anyone among our faithful who may be interested is being organist and choir director, Please contact Father Langan ASAP.  Or, if you know of someone who may be interested, kindly bring it to my attention.

We trust in God to always provide for our needs, especially when it is in service to Him/

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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