Message from Father Langan, October 9-10

October 9-10

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Very often in today’s world a person’s identity and worth are “measured” by their intellectual accreditations and acquired possessions.  We may think that this is particular to our own day and age, but not so.  Even in our Lord’s days on earth people were “evaluated” based on the prestige of learning and material wealth.  After all was not the question posed: “…where did He get all this, and is not His father a carpenter?….”  The very epitome of Wisdom was evaluated and critiqued because He lacked formal education as a rabbi.    What we glean from this is that wisdom is not necessarily an attribute of the super educated.

In the course of my life I have happily encountered wisdom amongst those who through no fault of their own received little, if any, formal education, but nonetheless are deep wells of unfathomable wisdom.  In fact, many children in their holy innocence can baffle us with their gift of perception and on the point questions that can leave an adult at a loss of words.  Wisdom comes from God the Holy Spirit and as well know the Spirit “blows where He wills!”

On our part we ask God to give us the openness of heart and mind to discern the movement of the Spirit in or midst.  We should not be inundated or overwhelmed by those who claim to be the “experts”.  Wisdom is known by the humility in which it is spoken, and that is the only way to truly discern its validity.

May holy wisdom descend upon us all as we daily reckon with the conundrums that come upon us.  Come Holy Spirit, come.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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