Message from Father Langan, May 8-9

May 8-9

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

As the final days of Paschaltide draw to its fulfillment we hear in today’s Scriptures the expansion of the Church amongst the Gentiles and the meaning of Christian love.  Nowadays it is necessary to designate authentic Christian love from that notion of love defined by the present day culture.  The love that Our Lord taught us is sacrificial, that is an emptying of ourselves for the eternal good of others.  Jesus makes it very clear that true love is based on following the commandments, just as He obeyed the Father.  Any other “love” is shallow, selfish and ultimately unfulfilling.  True, one must have a proper love for oneself as a child of God with a heavenly destiny.  This requires a well-balanced reverence for our unique and precious being in the eyes of our Creator.  What we see then in ourselves, we must see also in others and thus help each other to get to Heaven.

On this Mothers’ Day we give special thanks to our dear mothers, those living and those whom God has called to Himself, who selflessly sacrificed for us.  Their tender love for us is something we carry with us all our lives.  We, as people of faith, have been blessed to have not only our earthly mothers, but also our Blessed Mother Mary who ever watches watches over us and accompanies us on the journey to the Kingdom.

Mother of God and Mother of us all pray for us as we pray to You and lead us to Your Son.

Remember, that this Thursday we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord to the Father’s right hand.  It is a Holy Day and Masses are scheduled in the bulletin beginning with 5:30pm Vigil Mass at St. John’s.  Please consult the bulletin for the remaining Masses.  On Friday, May 14th, we begin the Novena to the Holy Spirit.  Just as our Lady and the Apostles prayed for the coming of the Holy Spirit so also do we, with joyful expectation, implore His renewal of the Seven-fold gifts in our lives.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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