Message from Father Langan, May 1 & 2

May 1 and 2

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,

The 50 days of Easter carry a special significance for those who have entered the Faith during the Great Feast.  This time is known as the Mystagogical catechesis, meaning: the handing on of the Mysteries of Faith.  Not everything studied and taught during the period of preparation for the reception of Sacraments can be comprehended BEFORE the reception of the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.  It is only AFTER one is initiated that the Truths of the Faith become clearer and appreciated.  During the Mystagogy, the Neophytes (those who have received the Light) are exposed to the deeper realities of our spiritual and eternal life.  It is a time for further growth in the Faith.  We too can appreciate these days for our better understanding of the Sacred Mysteries.

In today’s Gospel, our Blessed Lord speaks with tenderness to those Apostles-to-be as He is about to enter His Passion.  The setting is the Upper Room at the Last Supper and He is giving His farewell discourse.  He reveals Himself as the Vine, the source of life and strength.  Have you ever noticed the nature of a vine?  It wraps around just about anything.  It goes where it wills.  It multiplies on its journey and it seems that nothing can stop it.  What a powerful image our Lord uses to describe Himself.  All secondary shoots draw their vitality from the main vine.  Their healthiness and strength depend upon their attachment to the Vine itself otherwise their renegade offshoots deplete their strength.  Thus, the need for pruning (the Sacrament of Reconciliation) is necessary in order to receive all that The Vine wishes to give us.

The month of May is dedicated to our Blessed Mother as the New Eve.  Our first mother’s disobedience brought dead into human history; our Blessed Mother, by her obedience, brought life.  We pay Her special honor this weekend at the beginning of Mass by our humble crowning of her image in all our churches.  May our love and devotion console Her Immaculate Heart as we implore Her assistance on our journey to Heaven.

Finally, may I ask those who generally attend the 10:30 Mass on Sundays to respond to this survey when you call to make your reservations.  Do you prefer to keep the Mass time at 10:30 on Sundays during the summer months – June, July, and August or shall we move it to 9:30 as we have been doing for the past several years?  Kindly make your preference known to our secretaries when you call by May 15th.  Following your input we shall announce the time chosen by the majority.  Thank you.

With Blessings

Father Langan

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