Message from Father Langan

January 2-3

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On this 10th day of Christmas, we commemorate the Lord’s manifestation to the non-Jewish/Gentile world.  We call this revelation to those living in darkness the Epiphany.  For those of us who are not Jews it reminds us of God’s infinite love and mercy for all people.  The chosen people of Israel had a special mission from God, which was to make Him known to the rest of the world.  The adherence to and living of the covenant of Sinai that there is only one God, Lord and Creator of heaven and earth was to be worshipped and obeyed.  The obedience was and is based on the Ten Commandments given to Moses and those set free from bondage.  Ten simple and direct commands would directly benefit and exalt the wandering tribes until an even more perfect covenant would be made with all people for all time.  The New Covenant would be in and through Jesus Christ.  All the Old Testament and prophecies testified to this and through natural intelligence and indirect knowledge all people longed for this new relationship with the DIVINE.

Wise men from the East, the Magi, searched for this New Covenant, this eternal truth.  And just as any human person who longs for the truth, these men of old found it in Jesus Christ.  This most profound mystery for God-Became-Man for the sake of man’s redemption and advent of peace upon this world is available for every nation on the earth.  Sadly, not everyone accepts this embrace from God.  Indeed some even combat it for the exaltation of self or state.  Rather than be liberated by Truth and Light they prefer enslavement and darkness, succumbing to their passions instead of the Passion of Christ.

The Magi, who honestly and humbly sought the truth, found Him.   They are the example for all to follow.  As they departed from the presence of the Divine Infant we know that left on “a different route.”  After encountering the Infant Christ, may we do likewise.

A profound thanks to all our parish staff who took on the difficult task of coordinating our Christmas Mass schedule and outreach to those who needed extra assistance during these days of pandemic.  Our custodial staff and decorators, our music ministry are all to be commended.

Thanks to all for your patience and kindness and remembrance of your parish needs during a time of financial strain and uncertainty.  And behalf of Father Sahd and myself a heartfelt thanks for your generosity and beautiful cards, novenas, and sweets and fruits which have overwhelmed our pantry.  God bless you for your kindness.

One again we are grateful to Hessling Funeral Home, Brendan Murray, supervisor and Richard Hessling for their donation of our beautiful parish calendars.  The calendars will be available as you leave the churches this coming weekend.

May the New Year bring joy and peace and draw you closer to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Father Langan

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