Pastor’s Letter, November 28-29

November 28-29

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We come now to the Holy Season of Advent marked by the stillness and sobriety of a world afflicted.  Unlike previous Advents where people are wrapped-up in manic activity perhaps this Advent can be very special in that it’s a time of quiet waiting and anticipation.  The waiting is to be centered on Christ’s coming.  We await, like ancient Israel, for a Savior and Redeemer.  He came, but a great many did not recognize Him.  He comes, daily in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and still myriads do not recognize.  Indeed He will come again, and for sure there will be no uncertainty and ignoring the almighty Judge and Lord of the world.

Our Scriptures remind us to prepare.  As we wait for the Lord, it is not passive exercise.  Isaiah, the Advent prophet, prays that God “might meet us doing right,” rejecting our sinful ways, hence the need for making a worthy Confession.  Our Lord Jesus warns His disciples that they must keep watch because, like the servants not knowing when the Lord of the house will return, we don’t want to be asleep when we should be ready to receive Him.  St. Paul assures the Corinthians that they “are not lacking in any spiritual gift” as they want.  Neither are we!  But are we engaging these gifts?

Please remember the Mass schedule for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is expanded. 

There will be 4 Masses on the Eve, December 24th:  2 PM-St. John; 4 PM-St. John; 6 PM-St. Bernard; 9 PM-St. John.

Christmas Day:  7:30 AM-St. Mary Magdalen; 9 AM-St. Joseph, 10:30 AM-St. John; 12:15 PM-St. John.

Reservations are required by December 15th.  If you must cancel after making reservations, please call the Parish Office so that others may be able to attend.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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