Pastor’s Letter, November 14-15

November 14-15

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Trust is a very important word and practice in our present circumstances.  It is so important to Our Lord that He makes it the focus of the parable we hear today.  “Talents”, of course, were a form of money in our Lord’s day; today we use the same term when it comes to recognizing the abilities and capabilities that we uniquely possess.  The talents that we possess may indeed be refined and should be refined by us, but ultimately, they are God’s gifts to us and our recognition of those particular talents in a sense define who we are what God’s purpose may be for our proper use of those talents.

By God’s beautiful and mysterious design, He has entrusted us with the talents that are for returning His glory and serving our brothers and sisters.  A proper education from parents and educators and catechists assist us in developing and expanding the talents already latent in our person.  What a great and fulfilling venture that can be.  Not to mention how many will benefit from the employment of our personal gifts.

But, to be sure, there will come the day when we have to give an account of how well or not we have used the gifts God has given us.  As our liturgical year draws to a close, (remember next Sunday is the Solemnity of Christ the King – the culmination of this strange and unique year), we set our hearts on being prepared for whatever God has in store.  Wisely, like the ideal wife in the reading from Proverbs, we are about the Lord’s work.  Should he find us occupied with using His gifts in service to others we have nothing to fret about.  May the lessons to today’s Scriptures encourage us to be faithful stewards ever ready for the Lord’s return.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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