Pastor’s Letter-October 24 and 25

October 24-25

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Remembrance is a powerful tool in setting our moral compass and making our way through life.  There is, however, a grave danger if our remembrance is not based on fact, but fantasy.  The desire for truth and honest appraisal of our past must be the criteria for a balanced present and hopeful future.  Sadly, a rant-mentality seems to be infecting our society and the pursuit of truth is literally thrown out the window.  It’s almost impossible to rationalize with those who have a fictitious notion of the past.

Honesty demands that we understand our human nature as broken by original and actual sin.  The only repairer of this brokenness is Jesus Christ.  It is complete folly to think we human beings can create a more just and peaceful world without Him.  In our scriptures today we hear Our Lord remind the Israelites of their past, where they had come from and what they overcame – and not on their own.  It was the commandments which gave direction and purpose to them, love of God and love of neighbor was to be their destiny.  Our Lord reminds them of that in today’s Gospel which He proclaims just a few weeks before He is put to death.

May our remembrances always be crystal clear and truthful. We remember what God has done for us and what we must do for one another.

This coming Sunday, November 1st is the Solemnity of All Saints.  We shall have our regular Mass schedule; the following Monday is All Souls and in addition to the 7:25 and 12:05 Masses, we shall have an evening Mass at 6 PM in St. Mary Magdalen.

Remember that next Saturday night the clock “falls back” one hour as Daylight Savings Time ends.  And finally, for your information, since January, 2020 we have had 28 new families join our parish family, that includes 49  persons totally.  We are very glad they have come to make their home among us and as soon as this pandemic ends we will welcome them at one of our monthly hospitality gatherings.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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