Message from Father Langan-July 25 & 26

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Every day we are bombarded with many voices, many opinions, many which conflict with each other. So we are faced with the dilema: “Who do we believe?” It is most important not to make decisions based upon emotional re- actions no matter how strong those emotions may be, but rather discern what is best by em- ploying the virtue of wisdom. And, one might ask: “Where is that wisdom to be found?”

In today’s first scripture reading at Mass (Kings 4:42-44) Solomon inherits the Kingship of Israel and Judah from his father David. Rather than access his power and dominion he turns in all humil- ity to God and asks the Lord for the wisdom to be a just, temperate and wise ruler over those entrusted to his care. The prayer comes from the depths of his sincere heart. Rightfully, we admire and commend such humility and confidence in God. Solomon realized he could not rule by his own wits.

In these days of turmoil, we need to approach God with the same humility and confidence. Earnestly we pray for the resurgence of wisdom in our own lives and in the lives of those whom we entrust to make the right decisions for our general health, welfare, and peaceful good order. St. Peter reminds us to always pray for the civil authorities, even though these same authorities would bring persecution, he still took the higher ground as prescribed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a well-informed conscience. May we too invoke the wisdom of Solomon adn follow unreservedly the Holy Spirit’s promptings in all we do!
A thousand thanks for all the beautiful cards, Masses, spiritual bouquets that I have been receiving daily for a speedy recov- ery. At my recent therapy session they were astounded by the progress I have made thus far. I told them I have a lot of people praying for me. Never I doubt the power and efficacy of prayer.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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