Christmas Message from Father Langan

December 24-25

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“The Glory of the Lord has shown upon us.”   This acclamation of the heavenly host to humble shepherds never ceases to lift our hearts.  Just as those “little people” were filled with awe and wonder and I’m sure a fair amount of fright, so too are we affected by the same emotions,  “For unto us a Son is given….”  In his incomparable MESSIAH, George Fredrick Handel repeats this phrase numerous times and ever so dramatically to convey the truth of the Son of God coming to us. Indeed, it would be beneficial to us to silently and orally repeat this message of great tidings throughout the Christmas season.  We need to let it sink in.

     Sometimes I think it would be better for us to strip away all the tinsel and schmaltz and climb spiritually into the cave of Bethlehem to experience the abject poverty, the cold, the rancid odors of those surroundings and yet at the same time be warmed by the love of mother and Child and foster father.  Have our Christmases become a bit too cluttered with the unessentials at the expense of what really matters?  That is why I suggest repeating:”…unto us a Son is given”.  It takes time and effort to contemplate and digest the wonder of God’s love in sending His Son to us, and the great mystery is that it was not just one day two millennia ago.  No it is today and tomorrow and the next day, until the end of time.  The Lord Jesus Christ never stops coming to us.  Can we say the same about coming to Him?  

    So, perhaps this Christmas can be a little different.   Since His First Coming was to renew Creation and prepare for our sanctification maybe we can start anew in coming to Him, most especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because:..”unto us a Son is given.”   Come let us adore Him.

A Blessed Christmas to you and all your loved ones,

Father Langan

Message from Father Langan, December 17-18

December 17-18

Dear Brothers and SIsters in Christ,

It always seems to me that Advent goes by too fast. There is not enough time to absorb the contemplative nature of the season and let sink in the wonders of expectation that accompany it. Now we hurry up to take care of last minute “necessities” that supposedly make the Season bright. The Bright that we prepare for and should always be preparing for is the Light of Christ. He dispels the darkness and dark corners in our lives that need exposure to the healing rays of Divine forgiveness.

In these final days of Advent we ask God to illumine us and remove the shadows of sin in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When He radiates His grace upon us we cannot help but radiate that grace upon others. Have you ever had someone say to you: “Gee, you look different.” Perhaps they cannot put their finger on it but they do recognize something “different” about us. Perhaps, after a good Confession, you are radiating the beauty of an unencumbered soul! What a magnanimous gift from The Lord, and what a splendid gift you are giving to others.

On Monday evening your spiritual fathers will be hearing Confessions in St Mary Magdalen and bestowing God’s grace and forgiveness. Our Lord has this wonderful gift ready for you. Come and claim the gift that sets us free.

With Blessings,

Father Langan