What is a Sacrament?  Check out here.

Fr. Langan St. Mary Magdalen Honesdale

Fr. Langan preaching at St. Mary Magdalene

Our parish is a vibrant community where the Sacraments are celebrated every day.   If you are interested in learning more about one or more of these Sacraments, check out the website or call the parish office at 570-253-4561.

Sponsor forms for Baptism and Confirmation can be found here.

Baptismal Prep classes are usually held on the first Sunday in May, August, November, & February at 1:30 PM in St. John’s Church.  To register, kindly call the parish office at 570-253-4561.

For information about First Communion and Confirmation, please talk to Claire Harvey, our Director of Religious Education, at 570-647-1555.

For questions about Marriage Prep or Pre-Cana, please call the parish office at 570-253-4561.