Honesdale Program

CFCC former St. Vincent's School Honesdale PA

Catholic Family Community Center (Cliff St. Honesdale)

Registration Form

19.20 Year Calendar Honesdale

19.20 Detail Calendar Honesdale

Kindergarten – 8th Grade : Sundays from 9:00 – 10:10 AM at the Catholic Family Community Center, 329 Cliff St., Honesdale, PA.

Honesdale Program Catechists

  • K: Miss Brooke Landers, Mr. George Legg
  • Grade 1: Mrs. Suzanne Schuman
  • Grade 2: Mrs. Kathy Costa
  • Grade 3: Mrs. Mary Ursich
  • Grade 4: Mrs. Tricia Meagher
  • Grade 5: Rosaria Vlacich
  • Grade 6: Mrs. Claire Harvey
  • Grade 7: Mrs. Christine Glass
  • Grade 8: Mr. Dan Davidson

Important Information for Parents

Each student, grades K-8 must have a new registration form each year. If your child attended last year you will not have to fill in the Sacramental Information section.  Everything else should be filled in since these are passed along to the teachers each year. Please be sure to check the boxes indicating new information so we can be sure to up-date our permanent record files. The registration fee of $60.00 for one child and $65.00 for a family with more than one child is expected with the Registration Form by August 31st.

Kindergarten class in the Honesdale Faith Formation Program has limited space so please register early.

Dismissal of families: Last names beginning with the letters A – L will pick up their child/children after you show ID and sign them out at 10:10AM from their classroom(s). You may come into the front atrium at 10 AM and wait for release.

Last names beginning with the letters M – Z will pick up their child/children from the cafeteria door in the rear of the building. You must stay in your car as you follow the one-way driveway from the right side of the building around and down to the cafeteria door. Volunteers assisting with dismissal will come out to your car to get the names and grades of your students and will send and/or escort them to your car.

The Mass Attendance Policy will be implemented the weekend after Labor Day. Details are in the “Faith Formation Policies & Guidelines” hand-out.

Parents are the first instructors of the faith to their children, and the family unit is the essential building block of the Church. As such, we welcome you to participate in our program. Please contact Anastasia Legg if you are interested. Clearances are required for all volunteers.

Breakfast (light) will be available for those families who attend the 7:30 AM Mass and won’t have time to eat before the Honesdale Faith Formation Program. It will be held in the teacher & parent lounge/resource center, from 8:25 to 8:50 AM. No food is allowed in the classrooms.

*All meetings are held in the Chapel at the Catholic Family Community Center (CFCC) (329 Cliff St., Honesdale, PA 18431).

Faith Formation Policies and Guidelines