Message from Father Langan, February 19-20

February 19-20

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Sometimes when we hear a reading from the Old Testament we think what in the world has that to do with me or our present times.  Such may be the case in our first Reading today from the Book of Samuel.  It is important for us to know how God has prepared the world for the coming of Jesus Christ.  The strange but human interactions between people remind us that human nature, tainted by Original Sin, is often the same across the centuries, but certainly nuanced because of the life of grace.  We, who are Christians, see the world in a different light or at least we should.  Bestowed upon us through Christ are the virtues of mercy and forgiveness.  In the Old Testament, such as today, we see the mercy that David has toward Saul even though Saul is in pursuit of David with the intent to kill him.  Why?  Because of jealousy and pride on Saul’s part.  Though David has an opportunity for retribution he chose mercy and forgiveness, not necessarily because he liked Saul, but because he was the anointed king.  David saw his adversary as a child of God with inherent dignity and divine purpose even though Saul had violated the Fifth Commandment.

Since we have the grace of being disciples of Christ we are called to, as St. Paul says: “…so shall we bear the likeness of the man from heaven, (namely Jesus Christ).”  Whenever we hear the Gospel proclamation begin with, “Jesus said to his disciples…”  remember that He is addressing us!  Let us always take to heart what the Master says and imitate what He does.

One March 2, just two and a half weeks from now, we will begin the Holy Season of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  Begin now to make your preparations for days of prayers and penance to deepen your spiritual life and draw close of the Lord.  Besides our days of fasting, prayer, Stations of the Cross and other Lenten devotions, consider participating in our upcoming Bible study on the Bible and the Church Fathers.  Our sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings beginning, March 8 and continue until we have completed the course.  There will be a break during Holy Week and we will resume after Easter.  We will meet in Holy Family Hall and finish by 8:30 P.M.  Please call the parish office to register by March 4.

Thank you for the kind affirmation, thus received, regarding the “Increased Offertory Campaign”  initiated last week at the Sunday Masses and continuing this week and next.  The responses I have received indicate how very much you love your parish churches and recognize the need to keep them in the best possible condition, as well as, advance the most important mission of the Church, namely the spread of the Gospel in word and deed.  In the next few days you will be receiving in the mail a brochure with the attached commitment card.  Please after prayer and reflection, renew your commitment to your parish and bring the commitment card to Mass and deposit in the baskets provided or send in the mail to the parish office.

With Blessings,

Father Langan

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