Pentecost Mass Schedule

Next weekend (May 30 and 31), we will re-open our Churches in our Parish for public worship to celebrate Pentecost Sunday.  We will follow our usual weekend Mass schedule:

                        May 30            4:00 PM-St. Bernard

                                                5:30 PM-St Mary Magdalen (Broadcast)

                        May 31            7:30 AM-St. Mary Magdalen

                                                9:00 AM-St. Joseph, Rileyville

                                                10:30 AM-St. John the Evangelist (Broadcast)

As stated in Father Langan’s Pastor letter of May 23-24, ONLY 20 parishioners will be permitted to attend each of the five weekend Masses and daily Mass.  YOU MUST call the Parish Office between 10:00 AM and 4 PM to make a reservation on a first come – first serve basis.  We will begin receiving reservations beginning on Wednesday, May 27 for the Masses.  Your name will be put on a list and checked off when you arrive at the church at the designated entrance.  You will be escorted to your pew where you will remain seated for the duration of the Mass.  Prior to the Mass, directions will be made regarding the reception of Holy Communion.  Those who wish to make their confessions will be included in the reservation process.  

We shall do our best to accommodate as many as possible.  Please continue your kind and understanding patience as we work through this.  Blessings to all.

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