Message from Father Langan-May 2 – 3

May 2 & 3

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our entrance into May, the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary begins with the Church in the United States and Canada re-consecrating the nation to Her maternal protection.  Back in the mid-nineteenth century, the bishops of the United States placed our country under One Heavenly Mother:  protection under Her title of the Immaculate Conception, hence the National Basilica in Washington bears Her name.

The re-consecration as announced on our Facebook page takes place on Friday, May 1st at 3 PM.  Both our Diocesan CTV and EWTN will broadcast the prayer service.  At the same time, Father Sahd and I will pray the Rosary, the Litany of Loreto and the re-consecrating prayer in St. Mary Magdalen.  Join us spiritually in this joyful service as we ask Our Lady’s protection upon us and an end to the pandemic, which is menacing us.

Also, prior to our internet broadcast Masses on this Saturday and Sunday, we shall honor and profess our love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother with May Crownings in each church.  This being the Fourth Sunday of Easter it is also known as Good Shepherd Sunday.  Our Lord described Himself as the Good Shepherd and for early followers of the Master, this was their favorite image of Jesus as the ancient catacomb paintings portray.  He, the Good Shepherd, has laid down His life for the sheep. Each one of us is the sheep, wounded, lost, and troubled.  Nonetheless, Christ the Good Shepherd reaches down to pick up and carry us on His shoulders.

Our Lord, of course, as He depended on the cooperation of the lowly Virgin of Nazareth that our salvation might be accomplished, still depends on others in particularly to seek out and raise up the lost sheep.  Did He not ask us to pray that laborers be sent to gather the harvest; that shepherds to serve and gather in the flock?  These laborers are desperately needed, and these laborers are priests!  Today is also Vocation Sunday, where we especially pray for an increase of vocations to the Priesthood.  We remember our twelve men presently in seminary formation, including our William Asinari, assuring them of our prayers and support.  But we must ask Our Divine Savior to touch the hearts of young men to say “yes” to His call in Shepherding the Flock of the Lord.

With Easter Blessings,

Father Langan

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