May Mass Intentions

Friday, May 1                   Gladys & Edward Schwarz

                                            Mildred Golden

Sat., May 2                        Ferdinando Rendina

                                            Watson Family

                                           Frank & Margaret Crockenberg

Sunday, May 3                For the People of the Parish

                                           Alice Pryor

                                           Sandy French

Monday, May 4               Anya Smyth

                                           Leonard Bobonis

Tuesday, May 5               Nora Shepstone

Wed., May 6                     Living & Dec. Mothers

Thurs., May 7                   Living & Dec. Mothers

Friday, May 8                   Loretta Wolfe

                                           Living & Dec. Mothers

Sat., May 9                        Living & Dec. Mothers

Sunday, May 10              Living & Dec. Mothers

                                          For the People of the Parish

Monday, May 11            Ronald Jeko

                                           Living & Dec. Mothers

Tuesday, May 12            Marie McDonnell (30 day)

Wed., May 13                   Elizabeth Vonson

                                            Stella Novitski

Thurs., May 14                Henry & Helen Gumpper

Friday, May 15                Leo & Doris Gumpper

                                           Robert Diehl, Sr.

Sat., May 16                     Margaret Ehrenhardt

                                           Shirley Belknap

Sunday, May 17              Anna Poltanis

                                           James & Elizabeth Doherty

                                           For the People of the Parish

Monday, May 18            Dorothy Salle      

                                      Anthony Ford

Tuesday, May 19            Louis & Anna Seitz Family

Wed., May 20                  Sylvia Gross

                                           David Gross

                                           Rosemary Balbi

Thursday, May 21          Ann Schroeder

                                           For the People of the Parish

                                           Dylan Noble

                                           Elaine Hillier (30 Day)

Friday, May 22                Marie Beezup (30 day)

                                           Susan McAndrew

Sat., May 23                     For the People of the Parish

                                           Richard Doherty

Sunday, May 24              Vanda Palfrey

                                           Margaret Longo

                                           Debra Marie Schuman

Monday, May 25            Mass for all Deceased

Tuesday, May 26            Janice & Peter Propst

Wed., May 27                 Franklin DeReemer (30 day)

                                          June Hayes

Thursday, May 28          Richard Foley

Friday, May 29                Thomas & Jayne Romich

                                           James Malloy

Sat., May 30                     Bernard & Elsa Zuber

                                           For the People of the Parish

Sunday, May 31              Rudolph Skubic

                                           William Ridd

                                          Jeanette Brussell

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