Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Who could ever imagine these difficult and challenging times? Even though our lives have been turned upside down because of this unseen enemy of coronavirus, we believe that clinging to our Faith will get us through anything. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the glorious conqueror of all evil and we trust in Him and the loving care of His Blessed Mother and foster father, St. Joseph. How often our Lord said to His Disciples, ” Be Not Afraid.” And so we take courage and have hope that from evil, He will bring good. Perhaps that is beginning already!

As we are “all in this together,” I encourage you to continue your care and concern for one another in a most prudent and careful way. Please remember that without a weekly collection for the parish, we are in financial difficulty. If you are able, after prayerful consideration, kindly continue your sacrificial giving to your parish. You may send it in or drop it off at the parish office. By no means imperil your own financial security and if you are in need, please know we will assist you as best we can. God Bless You and keep you well. May our Lady hold you in her loving arms.

Sincerely In Christ,

Father Langan

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