Transfigure us o Lord!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      Please take a look at our parish schedule of events here:

      Every year on the Second Sunday of Lent we hear the story of Our Lord’s Transfiguration from one of the Gospels.  With our Lenten journeys briefly underway, we need the encouragement of what lies ahead.  The Apostles who accompanied Our Lord up the mountain could not have imagined what would take place some 40 days hence on the hill of Calvary.  We think of the many ways God gives us a “glimpse” into our true and eternal home. It is the boost we need to keep on going; ordering our lives according to His will and doing our best at the work He has set before us.

      For many this has been a very difficult winter.  No less than for our parish.  We have had numerous plumbing and furnace problems and the continual removal of snow and ice to deal with.  This has taken a toll on our budget, and since we basically go from week to week hoping that sufficient funds will help us pay the bills, we presently are falling far short in meeting unforeseen expenses.  Your generosity is already heroic, especially in the contributions made for our sister parish of St. Thomas the Apostle in Nellore, India, under their good pastor, Father Desam.

      Thank you for your kind response and best wishes to Father Desam as he returns.  We shall surely miss him and assure him of our constant prayers and fraternal support.
With blessings,

      Fr. Langan