Be missionaries!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

      Please take a look at all the activities going on in our parish community here.

      Our Holy Father Francis has repeatedly reminded us that the very nature of the Church is missionary.  That is, we are not self-satisfied in enjoying the fullness of Faith for our own sakes but that we cannot help but share and spread what we have for the salvation of others.  By virtue of our Baptism, we are called to be “missionaries of faith.”  Obviously, this takes courage and boldness, especially in these days when secular forces would have us: “keep your faith to yourselves.”  We cannot, we must not.

      The living of our Faith in the world should be absolutely natural to us.  We do not “put on” faith for this particular gathering and then take it off for another.  We are “little Christ’s,” always and everywhere.  This joy of Faith radiates to those closest to us and to those afar.  Think, if you will, of our dear brothers and sisters in Nellore, India under their shepherd, our beloved Fr. Desam.  Our concern and care and help for them is an act of Faith on our part.  We, indeed, then are missionaries to each other no matter how may continents separate us.

      The zeal for the missions was very much demonstrated in the life of Blessed Pope Paul VI (1963-1978).  He was the first of our globe-trotting popes who through travel and media spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth.  The Church rejoices that this holy man of extraordinary vision and prophecy is beatified today, and we pray earnestly that soon miracles will come from his intercession, and he will be declared a saint for our times, along with St. John Paul ll, whose feast day we celebrate this Wednesday, October 22.

      Let us not forget that October is the month of the Rosary.  In these last two weeks our own spiritual well-being and the well-being of the world can make great strides if we but heed the message of Our Mother at Fatima.  Pray the Rosary every day for the conversion of hearts, for reparation for the sins against human life, and for peace in our world.

      With Blessings,

      Fr. Langan