The Banquet of Life

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

      So very many celebrations in our lives have to deal with food!  My doctor keeps telling me lose weight for health reasons, but I keep telling him about all the joyous celebrations we have and that my parishioners will not allow their priests to go hungry! Above all our good Lord will not allow us to go hungry, and so we see in the Sacred Scriptures of today the Messianic banquet both from Isaiah and Matthew.

      That Messianic banquet is reflected most perfectly in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – for the Lord feeds us with His Sacred Body and Blood.  An important extension of His Presence in a lesser but meaningful way in our gatherings to nourish our bodies after our souls have been fed.  Today (Sunday morning) our ever-faithful Knights of Columbus are having their annual pancake breakfast.  What joy these men of the parish exhibit in feeding our bodies.  But the work of the Knights does not stop there.  They are involved in the education of our youth through catechesis; they are involved in community-wide service at blood drives and special camps.  They visit the sick and financially support students in Catholic High Schools and Colleges, just to name a few of the good works they perform.  Men of the parish – become a Knight!  And I promise you that you will never regret joining this illustrious organization of good Catholic gentlemen.

      Next week, Sunday, of course there is another banquet, this time honoring, under the auspices of the Court St. Martin #418, Catholic Daughters of America, this year’s seniors from our parish.  How good it is to see these young people preparing for graduation and their entrance into the world as Catholic young adults.  Congratulations to them and to the Catholic Daughters for their faithful recognition.

      Congratulations also to Mrs. Betty Bratnyk who this week celebrated her 90th birthday. God bless her and keep her in His loving care.

      Again, I bring to your attention the need for someone to serve as the chairperson of our Parish Council.  The Council is prescribed by the Church’s Code of Canon Law #536 which states: “If….the diocesan Bishop considers it opportune, a pastoral council is to be established in each parish.  In this council, which is presided over by the pastor, Christ’s faithful, together with those who by virtue of their office are engaged in pastoral care in the parish, give their help in fostering pastoral action.  The Pastoral Council has only a consultative vote, and it is regulated by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop.”

      The vision for our pastoral council in light of Canon #536 is that we would meet quarterly in the months of Dec., Mar., June, and Sept. unless there is a pressing need for an additional meeting.  Pastor and chairperson will meet two weeks prior to the general council meeting to form the agenda.  Members of all the various pastoral works will be represented: Faith Formation, Youth, Music Ministry, Knights of Columbus, Women’s Guild, Altar and Rosary, Social Concerns and Finance, and any others that involve the good order and development of our parish life.  Our meetings, no more than 1 1/2 hours will provide for open discussion on where we are as a parish and how to implement diocesan guidelines for our Bishop’s call to servant leadership based on his pastoral vision: “Wounded and Loved, Regathering the Scattered.”

      Therefore, I invite parishioners to make nominations and recommendations to the pastor by Oct. 30 of those who would serve well in the position of chairperson and secretary.  Please give your consideration prayerful thought and submit it as soon as possible so that a new chairperson will be in place for our Dec. 2, 2014 meeting.

      With Blessings,

      Fr. Langan