October – The Blessed Mother and Sanctity of Life

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

      Please note all going on in our parish here.

      The month of October is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary (feast day October 7) because of the powerful intercession this prayer brings before the throne of God.  Pope St. Pius V initiated this feast after having implored Catholic Europe to pray for the preservation of Life and Faith immediately threatened by the invading forces of militant Islam in the 16th century.  In gratitude for this protection, the feast was established and how very relevant it is for our own day and time!

      This month is also dedicated to all the blessed work being done on behalf, most especially, of the unborn child; the sanctity of married and family life; the elderly and those whose lives have been deemed by some to be a burden on our society.  No human life should be marginalized, and so in this Pro-Life month we concentrate and renew our efforts to change the hearts and minds of those who have a perverted notion of what life is valuable and what is not.

      Our annual Rosary Rally is our public demonstration of our firm intent to bring about conversions, both individually and in society, to the Gospel of Life.  There is no room for discouragement in our efforts, but rather hope and perseverance that the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death will once again be the law of our land.  Our rally will be preceded by Mass at 11:00 AM in St. Mary Magdalen Church. Then we shall proceed to the court house square for our public recitation of the Rosary.  Come join us.

      Many thanks to all who made our annual spaghetti dinner a tremendous success. Not only was the food excellent, but the joyful camaraderie among the various groups of our parish gives witness to the Spirit of God so strong in our parish life.  Thank you also to the anonymous donor of $1,000 toward our needed repairs and an additional one of $350.  Every one of your sacrifices helps us to accomplish the list before us.

      Thanks also for your kind reception of the Little Sisters of the Poor and your donation for their good work.

      Also, I would like to thank Bob Warnock for his service as chairman of our Pastoral Council.  With Bob’s term having ended, I would like to receive nominations for this important work for the good of our parish.  Our next Pastoral Council Meeting is scheduled for early December, 2014 and our new chairperson will be named and installed before then.  The Pastoral Council meets four times a year unless there is a need for a special meeting.  The Council is advisory to the pastor on any number of issues related to the good order and development of parish life.  Please submit your recommendations and nominations to Father Langan no later than October 30.

      With Blessings,

      Father Langan