Padre Pio St. Mary Magdalen Honesdale PA

Service and Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

      Please check out everything that is going on in our parish here.

      I would like to draw to your attention the good work done by our Parish Finance Council.  These men and women are “the eagle eyes” who, for love of their parish, serve selflessly on the council in order to advise your pastor on the financial health and the maintenance of the many properties of our parish community.  The subcommittee of Buildings and Grounds is a necessary and vital adjunct to the Finance Council since they do the foot work of checking out what needs to be addressed.  Needless to say, we have a long-list of maintenance and repair issues.  Our recent meetings have prioritized what most urgently need fixing: 1) St. Mary Magdalen’s Sacristy roof, 2) St. Bernard’s foundation near the basement back door, 3) the bell tower at St. John’s where it meets the roof and interior ceiling and 4) the back chimney of St. John’s.  All of these top-priority problems will take a considerable sum of money to repair.  If anyone would like to make a “special capital gift” towards one or more of these projects, please see me as soon as possible since we would like to begin work before the bad weather sets in.

      Thanks again to our Knights of Columbus who prepared and served a great breakfast for the parents and children in our Faith Formation Program.  As we see the good work the Knights are doing, I make a personal appeal to the men of our parish to come and join this service organization.  Believe me, you will receive more than you give in becoming a Knight.

      Lastly, this coming Sunday, Sept. 21, we have our monthly Padre Pio Prayer Group at 2:00 pm in St. Mary Magdalen Church.  Tuesday, Sept. 23, is the Padre’s feast day.  For over 10 years our prayer group has called upon this powerful intercessor for healing, both physically and spiritually, those suffering under heavy burdens.  I highly recommend coming and experiencing these two hours of prayer and praise.

      Kindly remember that next weekend Sept. 27/28 the Little Sisters of the Poor will be at our doors after Mass begging for contributions for their work of caring for the elderly poor.

With Blessings,

Fr. Langan